OMM Vehicle Wrap

This was something I have never done before, so when I got given this brief I took to it like a monkey eating a banana. It was challenging and frustrating. I was given a file of stock images already purchased so all I had to do was to put a few designs togeth to show the Head of the Company, and then it was all systems go once approved by the wife of the Head of the Companay.

It was a challenge, becuase to imagine something 3D while working 2D is absolutely mind boggling. Yet, everyone was excited about the design that I was producing and there were ideas around reflective materials to immitate ‘pulsing’.

Once the design was finished, it was shown to the Head of the Company's wife who relayed it to the Head himself. Unfortunately, he did not like it so the design was scrapped.

That was the hardest moment I had to face in my short time at OMM. But I learned from the experience and had a fun time producing this concept and therefore would gladly like to do more.