Hello! I am Jasmine
A Graphic Designer specialising in print, brand identity and web design. You can find me at Exclaimer Ltd., working in Template Services building email signatures for our world-wide clientele.

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Exclaimer Summit Speaker - 2021
Graduated University - 2016
YCN Awards Winner - 2014


Hello! Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I am Jasmine - a Template Services Engineer at Exclaimer Ltd. I specialise in Graphic Design for print, websites, branding and now email signature templates.

My interests in Graphic Design peaked at Farnborough College of Technology, learning to appreciate all forms of design - more so than I have in fine art from school. I really enjoyed the BTEC course that lead me to move on to the University of Portsmouth earning a 2:1 BA Hons degree in Graphic Design.

I have worked in retail, volunteered at a riding school and an art gallery. After university I gained four months experience with OMM, a design agency, to my now current place of employment - working with customers around the world to build their perfect signature template.

Most of my influences are from my daily experiences, the bands I listen to or the people I talk to. I enjoy the works of many designers, such as Coraline Bickford-Smith, MinaLima, Anthony Burril, David Carson, Eric Spiekermann, Storm Thorgerson to name a few. I also enjoy the intriquette, constructivist and minimalistic styles of design. My own personal style is relevant to the theme, brief and of course how I resonate with the task at hand.

I am a very hands on person and very visual in terms of learning. This means if you show me how to do something, or give me a tutorial to use I will replicate the task to the best of my ability. Then taking the basics into a pro-active sense, to build and improve upon the skills in practice.



Running an etsy
Spinning Yarn
Cross Stitching
Dungeons & Dragons

In the Past...

Poi & Fire Spinning
Horse Riding & Jumping
Self taught guiarist
Grade 4 / 5 Piano / Keyboard
Girl Guides