Going Round In Circles

Having been interested in music for some time, I wanted to find out what was special about Vinyl Records. Starting from the covers and the format itself, I read lots of books and interviewed a couple of people about Vinyl.

I quickly learnt that the sound was far superior to that of CDs and MP3s and the artwork was incredible. The 12" x 12" square is a world of possibilities, from lyrics, to trippy 1960s artwork with inserts and fold outs. All those little surprises made vinyl records special.

Who knew that these exquisite designs did not exist when Vinyl first appeared?

I was surprised to find out that records started off in brown paper with only the record label. This to me was interesting, and was used to package the outcome. A 12 x 12" book, with photos, quotes and woodblock typography, digitised for the design, along with a smaller book to house an interview with one of my peers accompanied by a double sided A2 poster.