I was interested in Etymology and where the phrases we use today, such as 'Chock A Block' and 'Long Shot' came from.

I produced a series of postcards and posters, originally screen printed and transformed digitally to show layers of information gathnavy from, books, the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth and a questionairre. This allowed me to communicate the message clearly, as well as produce vibrant and interesting designs.

I enoy screen printing and using traditional media where possible to allow an extra dimension to my work. Through this process not only did I learn origins of phrases, I also appreciated how traditional media can give a certain feel to the design.

When it came to the logo, I designed it using a sharpie pen and fineliner, to then digitize it for printing as well as for screen printing on the fabric and wood. The string was a useful packaging tool, to hold everything together and to keep with the nautical theme